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30.05.14 - America Road Trip

During my latest US adventures i took a solo road trip from Tucson through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and back through Arizona. Using my much underused Bronica i decided to try and rediscover what photography meant to me. Here is a wee selection of images i love.

Tucson Soccer

Seat Santa Fe Theatre Santa Fe Street seller Santa Fe Coffee Shop Monument Valley School Bus Monument Valley Bench Baseball Dad Baseball Cage Arches Sunset Arches Sunset 05 Arches Sunset 04 Arches Sunset 03 Arches Sunset 02 Arches Double American Boy America Front Room America For Sale America Crossing Alamongordo Wheel

30.05.14 - America 2014

I resisted the temptation to photograph digitally to much in favour of using my much loved medium format camera. here are a few of the digital images anyway. Film ones to follow.

_MG_4748_1 _MG_4997_1_MG_5013_1 _MG_5078_1 _MG_5097_1 _MG_5105_1 _MG_5146_1_MG_5157_1

16.10.13 - Mirepoix Market June 2013


IMG_8389 IMG_8360 IMG_8399 IMG_8487

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